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Why I Broke Up with Weight Watchers


The first time I went into a Weight Watchers meeting was January 3, 2003.

I did well back then, because I was stupid and naïve.

Over the years, I see-sawed with my weight, which is why I believe companies like Weight Watchers are so successful. Then I started growing up, oh about 5 years ago 🙂  I started educating myself and trying to find out why I was feeling like an 80 year old person in a 36 year old body.  I wanted to know why my allergies are running rampant, why my anxiety and depression were so bad, why I never woke up feeling refreshed and why I couldn’t put two thoughts together.

Everywhere I turned, led me to food and diet.

I was doing it all wrong.

I was following Weight Watchers protocol.  I was listening to the commercials that told me if I ate 100 calorie snack bars and fat free cheese that I would lose weight.  I was listening to them tell me that aspartame was good and that sugar was bad.

Lies, all lies!

OK, well maybe sugar is a bit of a shit starter, but I would rather be friends with sugar than with aspartame.  But that’s me.  Listen, use honey…coconut sugar, you have options!

July 4, 2014 I had hit my “a-ha” moment.  I saw myself in a bathing suit and cried.  I stepped on the scale and saw the number 255 show up and cried some more.  I was 255 before, but I was growing a human being in my belly…..totally different.

The next day I went shopping and I stopped buying all the crap. I started cooking from scratch and we only ate out once a week at “good choice restaurants” and the weight started falling off.  I was losing so much weight and inches that at one point I went to the doctor because I was convinced I was dying.

I had lost 40 lbs in a 6 month time span and I went from size 22 to 16!

Then my weight loss efforts stalled and in February of 2015, I joined Weight Watchers again 🙁

By May of 2015, my anxiety and depression was the worst it has ever been. It took everything for me to get out of bed in the morning, it took all I had to take a shower, brush my teeth, do the dishes, keep up with the housework…..which most of the days, didn’t even happen.

I followed their SmartPoints program because they deem it to be the healthiest program ever.

Yeah, my left foot!

In June of 2017 I finally had enough, I had gained 20 pounds back since February of 2015.  I know on average that doesn’t seem like a lot, but to me….it was horrible.  I’ve been back on anxiety medication, my house is in shambles, I either sleep too much or not enough and just a plain ole hot mess.

Now, here I sit, encouraging all of you to just eat healthy.  Nourish your body with good fuel and your soul with self care.

How, here I sit, completely vulnerable telling you that I have to pick up my pieces one by one.  I have to deep clean every inch of my house because it hadn’t been done since 2015.  I have to essentially start over from day one again.

So, you see, this isn’t just a weight loss journey for me.  It has turned into so much more. This journey of mine now encompasses getting healthy, getting organized, cleaning my home and turning it into a sanctuary that I want to come home to, taking care of myself, loving up on my family and learning how to have fun again.

My hope is that I can help just 1 person out there who is or was suffering like I am and was.  If you are, please know that you are never alone….people just don’t want to talk about it.  But I do, I’m here to talk about it!  Please reach out!!





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  1. My advice would be to do one at a time, quit smoking first, yes you will put weight on but once youve conquered that vice, join weightwatchers, there will be a club where you live, then lose the weight. If you do boh together you will probably find yourself yoyo dieting, which we all know is not good for you. If you want to do both, change small things in your diet, like cut out bread, replace sweet things with lovely sweet fruit. Which will help you with the calorie intake at least.

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