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Our Menu Plan – April 6 through 12, 2018


Who doesn’t love a good menu plan?  Planning to make nourishing food for our families, what could be better?  The best part of my Wednesday is planning our menu and starting to compile the grocery list!

Since this is the first menu plan that I have posted, let me give you some insight as to how I menu plan.  I plan 1 weeks worth of meals on Wednesday for Friday through Thursday.  I do the grocery shopping on Thursday night, because I don’t want to fuss with it on Friday (TGIF) and I don’t want to fight the crowds on the weekend.

This is what we came up with for the week:

Friday 04/06/18: is normally pizza night for us.  I will be making 2 ingredient dough and will be making homemade pizza 🙂

Saturday 04/07/18:  We still have so much ham leftover from Easter, so I will be making Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Scalloped Potatoes and Ham and will be serving this with a side salad and green beans.  This recipe is so delicious!

Sunday 04/08/18:  This is usually my “family feast” night.  I will be making a crockpot roasted chicken with homemade macaroni and cheese and some broccoli.

Monday 04/09/18:  I’m trying a new recipe for Sausage and Tortellini Soup.  I bought some cheese tortellini from the Schwan’s delivery guy the last time he visited, so I want to use some of it up.  I think I might make some garlic toast to go on the side with this.

Tuesday 04/10/18:  I am bringing in a recipe that we haven’t had in years and it’s Creamy Chicken Packets, but I’ll be making a casserole out of it instead of packets.  I bought way to many crescent rolls for Easter dinner and need to use them up 🙂  With this meal I will serve a salad on the side.

Wednesday 04/11/18:  Family Favorite night and that’s Pasta Carbonara!  It’s super rich, so I will serve this with a side salad and perhaps some peas on the side as well, or asparagus 🙂

Thursday 04/12/18: Is YOYO (you’re on your own) night in our house since this is when I go grocery shopping.  Everyone fends for themselves and sometimes this includes take out or drive through in our house 🙂


As the blog progresses and I will be doing recipe posts for you, I will link them in all future blog posts for menu plans.

What’s on your menu this week?  I would love to hear from you!  If you are interested in any recipes for what I have listed above, please ask and I will gladly share 🙂

Please come back next week to see the video of what we actually “did eat” for dinner this week!


Until next time friends,



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